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Subject: To Lee / Before photo of me revealed....
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 16:13:08 -0000

--- In , "lee33183" <lee33183@y...> wrote:
> I have lost 4 lbs and I am only weighing myself once a month. I 
was kind of obsessive before about the scale. It is a slow process 
> changing years of bad habits. 
Yay Lee, you are quickly becoming my idol :)
I'm not exactly having the best No S month it seems, but that's just 
because the old "quick fix" mentality has taken such a stronghold in 

my psyche that *now* even though I have a great plan that works, my 
expectations are still not in sync...I'm trying so hard to cut 
myself slack...Having a successful morning and at this point I think 
I will use the advice I have seen mentioned in past posts from Rein 
which is more babystep stuff...You know, make your next meal your 
immediate goal, and put aside some lofty unreachable goal or even a 
nebulous goal like "I will lose weight" (how many new years 
resolutions of this ilk fail?)
So just for the curious, I have finally figured out how to add a 
photo on my yahoo profile, and the famous Eastern Deb and son 
Richard may be viewed for posterity.
This photo, by the way, is almost four years ago when I was 180 ish.
And although I still have very prominent teeth, and my son is still 
cute, I don't look like this anymore...Short hair for both of us. 
One of these days I will update it :)
Lee your photo looks like you have anorexia! LOL
(for in joke, see Lees profile)

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