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Subject: Archives now public
From: beautiful_idiot
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003 18:44:11 -0000
Not that there was much here to see, but I just figured out that even
that was invisible because I hadn't set the archives to "public." 
that's fixed now. So lurk and post away.

Now that they can see it, I'm going to harass the few people I know are
interested in this site to post and get some magnet content going. I
think yahoo groups get indexed by google, so every post makes nosdiet
a wider target. Judging by the logs, mentions of celebrity names are
very effective. Especially the notoriously anorexic in conjunction
with the word "diet." Cynical ploy? No, life saver! :) 

So what should you post, you bored or harassed? If you're on the
nosdiet, or have been, or are considering it, or loath the whole
concept, let us hear about it. I promise I won't mod you out, unless
you start espousing nazism or peddling penis enlargments.

Ideas for publicizing the diet are also welcome. "Stocky", CHD 
Atkins makes hundreds of millions on his scam, I'd at least like to
get noticed.

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