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Subject: Re: Need to lose a lot of weight
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 15:21:27 -0000

--- In , "Cathy" <FaerieLaugh@y...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Oddly enough I discovered the No-S diet through a South Beach diet
> community on Live Journal. While reading over the details of the 
No-S diet I thought "Now here's a plan I could stick to" However, I 

need to lose a lot of weight, about a 100 lbs. I've been reading 
through some posts and I haven't seen any from other people
who need to lose as much weight as I do. 

...Hi Cathy :)
That is a hard question to tackle...
I will tell you that you probably won't find a nicer coach in the 
whole world as Reinhard Engels, or a more fun post group :)
I have a lot to say, mainly autobiographical, so don't try to read 
this on a 3 minute work break, you wont have enough time! LOL
Then, revisit your above question, and I'm sure you will know what 
to do :)

Firstly, whatever amount you need to lose 10 20 or 60 like me, or 
100..Whatever it is, once it is lost, by whatever means, NoS or 
other plans, (and you can do it!) you need to reconcile your life 
long habits... Several years back I went on a gaining binge which 
started when I met my sons Dad... I had always been battling weight 
since around the time of puberty, but it never exceeded 30 lbs total.
Well over 2 and a half years, which included my very difficult 
pregnancy, I went from 165 to 220, and then added another 30 to that 
from my pregnancy....Before the delivery I topped the scale at 250.
I am only 5'4", not optimal weight... I gained it all because I was 

in a very crazy and dysfunctional situation, and I was in Fat City 
USA, New Orleans....Many people are obese there, so it snuck up on 
me, as I was now comparing myself to other overweight people...But 
mainly I was clearly seeking solace through food, and trying to numb 
myself to the crazy reality which was my life...Well, there goes 
my "brief" attempt..LOL
When I broke up with Freddy, and came back to NY, I had my 
cholesterol measured...350 points! I then started to try and lose 
weight, but being that I was really undergoing some major trauma in 
my life, having to raise my son with thank God, the help of my 
Mother, but otherwise alone, I didn't get moving on this until he 
was around 2...One year I lost 20 lbs from doing lots of exercise, 
and cutting down on carbs and fats, you know, lots of big salads and 
less fried crap, and NOT eating at night (this was key to my success 
and is a means of improving any weight loss plan) occasionally I 
would eat a cup of frozen grapes if I went nuts...Then I started 
doing some cooky exercise thing called "Body Flex" and lost 18 lbs 

in about 4 months, then I tried Herbalife back in Spring of 2002 and 
lost 26 lbs...Okay, so I was finally down to my lowest weight in 
years and I felt great! 159! But unfortunately by the end of 2003, 
I completely stopped everything, and because of stress, waiting to 
take my license exam for massage, it was Winter, I was out of work, 
you get the picture...I got super depressed, sat on my ass, caved in 
whenever an overeating opportunity presented itself (which was 
essentially almost every night) and undid all my previous efforts in 
one self destructive year...I am now 210, but before I started NoS I 
was 215, and whose to say what I would be in another year if I 
didn't find a plan that appealed to me. It not only appealed to me, 
but it spoke to my inner wisdom, my intuition....Like you I had 
that "Now *that* makes sense" reaction to Reinhards common sense 

approach...This plan is geared towards gradual, slow weight loss...
So, if you are hoping to drop 10 lbs a week, like those guys on "the 

biggest loser" it might not be for you...But I guarantee that if in 

one year or two, they track the success of those guys, who lost big 
and lost unusually fast, they will probably gain most if not all of 
it back....Losing weight fast is seductive, and I have been fooled 
into thinking at previous times, and fooled myself, that 
those "short term diet" fixes, involving shakes, crazy routines that 

can't be maintained, etc...were actually good for me, because I was 
desperate for help and a mental boost..Well, quick results will tend 
to do that, but, unless the underlying overeating habits are dealt 
with, they will creep back up when you are not looking, as they did 
with me, and most "re-gainers"
If you can be patient enough to say "It took me a long time, 
possibly years, to get to the state I'm in now, and it will take me 
time to get to a healthy weight" then you stand a great chance of 

*not only* losing that weight, but NOT GAINING BACK. None of the 
short term diets are geared towards keeping it off for life...PS 
this diet is compatible with other weight loss plans, ie low carb, 
low fat, whatever...so certainly, you can pick your favorite plan 
and make it NoS modified. So far, of the bigger losses I have heard 
of recently, Reinhards comes to mind, he lost 40 lbs in 2 years! Yay 
Rein! And I think Navin lost around 19 lbs in 9 months, and I think 
Danielle lost 12 in like 6 months?
Anyway, whatever you choose, if it is something you can "stick with" 

like you said in your initial response, then isn't it worth trying?
You are worth waiting for :)
Best of luck!

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