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Subject: Re: New Member
From: dangalishus
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 14:29:19 -0000
--- In , Kevin Gooday <gravy@p...> wrote:
> Crackers and other carbs that arn't the "bad" refined sugars are 

> Which is the main reason I've come to love this diet, I thought 
> atkins, but could never give up my breads, pastas, and fruits. 
> make sure you have room for them in your meals, for if you don't 
> find yourself, as Reinhard has pointed out, and I found out when I 

> started, that the snacking on healthy things will lead to going 
back to 
> the tasty sugary things. 
> I do often hang on to my breakfast apple for a mid morning snack, 

> part of my dinner for the evening, but I make room for it on my 
> plate. 
> How do *I* do it? I drink alot of water, when really hungry, and 
> not time to eat, I step up to milk (though I try not to do this as 

> as water, milk's more my with dinner drink). I don't buy the 
snacks. I 
> used to always have tons of pop (soda) in my house...Now I don't 
> any...Do I miss it? Yeah, but I feel better without it. I don't 
> down those snack isles, or the sugary drink ones when shopping. I 

> continue to tell myself that it's for my own good, and just push on 

> the next day. I've lost about 15 pounds since I started, I 
> could have lost more, but I've lost the diet a few time, due to the 

> availible to me at work....and the long hours...but I jump back on, 

> keep on looking ahead. I've gotten to the point where I still can 

> out of controll from time to time (like Christmas when my cousin 
put a 
> plate of brownies coated in sugar infront of me and I ate until 
> took it away...*slaps my own hand*) but usually I find that I 
> have the apitite to snack now. Dinners are progressivly getting 
> smaller...And I feel better...Especially after Christmas when 
> noticed the weight loss....That's the best motivation there, when 

> notice it.
> Good luck, and all that. I'm sure you'll be quite happy here, and 

> totally ramble too much, so I'm gonna stop now :)
> Kevin

Haha, thank you Kevin. That really helped. Because of the good 
feedback I have gotten back and the wonderful introductions, I now 
believe I can do it and I will do it. I have three girls, the 
youngest is 7 and the oldest is 12, so it will be hard but they are 
really really good and they restrict me a lot when I tell them I am 
dieting again. I WILL do this diet and I WILL loose the 20 lbs I so 
desire. You have motivated me as well as pirateman. Thanks, Thanks, 
Thanks. I will keep everyone posted of my results. This is day two 
for me.

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