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Subject: An attempt to respond to or at least acknowledge the last 2 days of posts...
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 19:33:05 -0800 (PST)
...in more or less random order.

That darn day job again... so distracting!

Dan -- thanks again for your thoughtful, detailed,
wise posts. To run with your eastern, zen motif,
you're like the bhodisatvah (sp), generously returned
from the state of enlightenment to guide the less
advanced. From all of us, I think, thank you! I
particularly like the way you compare the nosdiet to
the buddhist mountain perspectives. As a computer
programmer, I'm always stiving for the right level of
abstraction from the problem at hand in my code; I'm
happy you think I've found it here.

Jason -- "moderation revolution" may not be, strictly
speaking, a google unique bigram, but it's pretty
close, and in the sense you mean, it certainly is
original (By google unique bigram, I mean not finding
any other instances when I search for the quoted word
pair in google; it's a great way to test
idiomacalness/originality, depending on which of the
two you're going for). If the manifesto ever makes it
to print, I'll have to have a little Atkins
reminiscent banner in the corner. Thanks also for
"nihilism light." You've brought some weight to our
intellectually low calorie subject!

Kevin -- posts like yours are the most valuable:
confessions of a successful nosdieter, warts and all.
The warts are especially valuable, because people are
going to mess up now and then, and it's important that
they see that's not an excuse to give up, but that
they, like you, can succeed if they get up, brush off
the dust and just keep at it.

angalishus -- welcome. Dan's advice to you was right
on target. Don't stress about peripheral issues. They
make great excuses for failure, but that's about it.
The really important stuff is dead easy, conceptually.
It does take a little willpower, but it isn't

rebelcat9 -- welcome. Glad to hear one of the three
esses doesn't sound too tough to you. But do budget
3/3 effort. The others have a funny way of
compensating, like a blind man's sense of hearing.
Seconds were my biggie, but they were big enough. 

Tracy -- as an urban ranger, I've thought about
getting a pedometer. I'm pretty confident I get plenty
of steps in each day, but I am curious. Maybe I will
pick one up, just to mess around with Your microwave
story is inspiring!

Portia -- the social aspects of dieting are
undiscovered country as far as conventional diets are
concerned. Thank you for bringing up this important
but totally neglected point. A real world diet needs
to be hubby proof. So obvious -- except no one seems
to have thought of it. As for my pre-nosdiet attempts,
I hadn't really been systematic about diet before no-s
(I was just fat) except once briefly in college, when
I went on a "financial diet," that was briefly very
effective, but not sustainable, to put it mildly. Your
"obscure but necessary item" quote will definitely
make it to the manifesto, if there ever is one (with
attribution, of course), in fact, I'd love to use it
on the home page, if you don't mind... (with
attribution, of course).

Brook - I'm glad you enjoy all this traffic. I do too.
For those who find it a little much, remember that you
can set your delivery preferences to "no email" (web
only) or "daily digest" (at most one email with all
the day's posts concatenated every day). 

Sorry if I missed anyone... (except non-shovelgloving
Teresa :-))


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