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Subject: Re: Half-essed report
From: julie
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 14:10:30 -0000

--- In , mayoigo humberto <mayoihumbert@g...> 
> Hiya Mayo,

Your post have been great girl. I am glad the sweets rule is working 
for you so easily. "no thanks" goes a long way, easy to remember and 

never comes across wrong to the one offering the sweet.
After 5 months i have found I am much pickier about my sweets,not 
just anything will do, no boxed cookies etc.. just not my weakness. 
This past weekend for eg. we went with friends to a wonderful french 
restuarant(my first experience) i knew it would be great but little 
did i know! The chef cooks very light, so i did not feel guilty at 
all having 6 courses( 2 desserts LOL - it was fun, because i would 
never have done that before Nos) They were out of this world delish!
and i did not feel guilty at all, where as before Nos i would have 
made myself suffer mentally and physically big time the next few 
days. No guilt is a wonderful thing.:)
Just a hint on eating veges, if you are eating them raw it can 
certainly irritate your digestive system; what you can do is bring 
some water to a boil add your veges (2-3 min)til the veges are 
slightly tender.immediately remove and dip in ice water, to stop the 
cooking process. Much easier to eat and digest. 
Cottage cheese: i have been craving it too and not sure why, i like 
it with S & P or with pineapple. salty or sweet. ok i must buy some 

Have a great N day


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