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Subject: Re: Challenges
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 04:38:53 -0000

--- In , Nathan Algren <samurai_dieter@y...> 

> Any one have any ideas, complaints or suggestions for
> something like this? 

....Hi Samurai! I'm going to rant a bit now...I think it's great 
that you are offering an idea for Nossers to challenge themselves 
and I LOVE people here who are proactive and positive... So first, 
before my rant, let me say, I believe you will be one of those guys, 
who can do some serious inspiring and is a pleasure to have 
posting... Yes, I believe a challenge could be good, but one where 
you make your own challenge...then stick to it. Like 
Reinhard's "Monthly Resolution" idea... Yes it's great to psych 

yourself up when there's a competition and others involved, and I 
guess the collective goal is the good of the whole group, but I 
still have a real problem with this way of doing it....I think that 
this is something we all need to do for ourselves...My successes and 
or failures are mine, and at this point I don't wish to try and 
measure up to someone elses...I prefer to be inspired by others, not 
be in a competition against them... Of course I appreciate being 
able to get support, advice and encouragement, and as you know I 
like to crow about every "loss" (really gain!) I have made, but I 

think I'd feel awful for myself, or any other member who felt left 
out because they had nothing to show, or worse, gained some weight, 
when "challenge report day" rolled around... I am very fond of a 

book by Marlo Morgan, panned by some for being an innacurate 
portrayal of Aboriginal culture, but hey it's fiction, 
called "Mutant Message from Down Under"... There is one vignette in 

which one of the tribal elders, which Ms. Morgan is "on walkabout" 

with, can't understand the point of a game where, in order for one 
team to win and have fun, the other must be excluded from, or have 
less fun...Or something to that effect... He explained that their 
cultures games were ones in which all people involved "win" by 

working together... Like puzzle making games, where they are all 
working towards a common goal... Maybe I'm just a new agey, Mister 
Rogers loving, bleeding heart, but I think this is a very nice model 
of a society, which is functioning on the highest level...Kindness.
I personally was revolted by that show, which I did watch out of 
morbid curiosity once, "The Biggest Loser" and feel that NoS is way 

more dignified and real...
If anyone can think of a variant to the "challenge" (ie versus) each 

other, that would be more like, work together and cheer each other 
on, I would be into it... I think Reinhards new format will be very 
Real transformation and change must come from within!
This is an editorial piece..Any of the opinions described above are 
not necessarily the opinions of NoS station network...

Deb :)

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