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Subject: Help-fell off diet-angry
From: portia612003
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 02:09:16 -0000
This is what always happens to me on a diet, and I hate it. A few 
weeks thrilled with it, then a slip, then an extra S-day, then a 
slide, then no fence around the diet, then a downward spiral into 
discouragement. Then a few weeks spent looking for the next diet.

I'm sick of it! I love the No-S diet, its elegance, its simplicity, 
its adaptability to anyone's real life. I want to return to it. 

I read about Atkins, that you have one "golden chance", that if you 

slip and try to return, you won't be successful. You blew it. 

I refuse to believe it. Certainly my will can direct me to any diet 
I choose. Anyone agree? Anyone deviate from the diet and then 
return to renewed success?

Many thanks in advance.

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