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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] New Member
From: Tay
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 13:21:20 -0700 (Pacific Standard Time)
Yes your right Reinhard,sugar free stuff is sometimes disgusting. I guess
that is part of the old dieting habits,I havebeen a member of weight
watchers off and on since 1994 . I currently feel that I will never go 
there mostly because I feel like i have been there done that.too many times.
I think this will work,it doesnt seem too hard to follow. I will have to
find some different things to eat,I am one of those very picky people and
for years before weight watchers thought i would never ever be able to 
weight because im not a big veggie eater. I have found that to not be true
thankfully. I eat sugar all day and it will be the hardest thing for me. 
eat either pop tarts,sugary cereal or waffles for breakfast every morning.
Are eggs and such a good thing to have for breakfast? Is this a low fat
thing too? I am hearing eat what you want with the exception of sugar . So 
am trying to think of what all I CAN eat to substitute my normal fare.
Thanks for being so helpful,both Justin and Reinhard!!

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