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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] quick intro
From: coalminerd5@...
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 20:20:54 EST
I started the no s diet monday also, Its so easy so far. 
I was pleasanty plump about 1-1/2 years ago. I quit smoking and started to 

gain weight real fast., so i went on the Akins Diet. Big Mistake!!! I craved all 

the food I love Like mexican food with tortillas, salsa and chips, Pasta 

Garlic Bread everything Atkins tells you to avoid. I did lose 10 pounds. I quit 

because I didn't have support from my family or friends, nobody thought it was 

a big deal since I went down to my orginal pleasanty plump self so I quit.. 

anyway and I missed those foods!! After I quit I gained it back plus some now 

according to the BMI thing I am obese!!! :( 
Its not too bad this no s diet I can avoid sweets daily except on the s days 

I can avoid seconds too and I know I can avoid snacks!!
wish me luck

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