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Subject: No S enhacing enjoyment of food....
From: avonmommy@... (Jeanette)
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:16:13 -0500 (EST)
Thanks for the welcome! :)

That is funny you mention it, because I was just about to post to the
list how much more I am ENJOYING eating since starting!! I have really
been making my meals count since I know I only have 3 each day. Instead
of picking the first thing I can get my hands on, or stressing out about
calories, etc. I have been eating nice, YUMMY, well-balanced meals. I
love delaying things just a bit....especially the sweets.....gives me
something to look forward to. LOL! Having something to look forward to
always makes life a little more fun. When you can eat a candy bar
anytime you want it's not as enjoyable. I am truly loving eating again!

I also think forgiving yourself when you slip up and moving on is key. 
had a slip last night (eek) on only day 4 of this, but it's ok. I
learned from it and am back on track with (3!) healthy meals today. I
used to have the "what the heck, I already screwed up..." attitude but 
am trying to get over that. Looking at the big picture, one slip isn't
going to ruin my progress, as long as I stop right there and turn it

I LOVE No S! :)

BTW, a friend of mine who I just turned on to No S and I were talking
the other day. I was saying that back in the 1950's when snacking
between meals was considered "bad" for you, people were just NOT 
like they are now. Not saying that snacking is bad for you physically,
just unnecessary! 


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