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From: Maha El
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:32:48 -0800 (PST)
I have been yoyo dieting for ages,so I decided to give the noS diet a try,after all I 
have nothing to lose.

Today is the last day in my first week of noS diet,and guess what? I lost 1.5 kilos 
that's more than 3 pounds,without having to eat low fat cottage cheese and boiled 
zuchini ,yuck!! 

I don't crave for sweets anyway, so that wasn't a problem..but I was sure to have a 
slice of strawberry tart today, my first S day,..just in case.

When I feel hungry in between meals,I say to myself, just a couple more hours till 
the next meal when I can have a plate full of things I enjoy.I try to be reasonable 
ofcourse and eat a balanced diet, but I don't feel guilty anymore when I eat a slice 
of pizza or a nice stuffed sandwitch.

Ofcourse,I don't expect to go on losing weight at the same rate, but who 
cares?!,.besides, when I'm used to having just one plate a limited number of times 
per day,..I can start to cut down on some high calory foods,in maybe one meal per day 

Another great thing about that diet is that I get to choose the suitable time for me 
to have my meals. I'm not much of a breakfast person, and I'm more of a night eater, 
so all the diets that insisted on having breakfst and not eating after 6 or eight pm 
were torture to me,so, instead, I still have 3 meals, but the first is at 2 pm, then 
9 pm, then a light meal like plain yogurt and a banana or strawberry at 2 am because 
I stay up late.

Thanks to you Reinhard Engels I'm enjoying my meals and losing weight.

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