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Subject: Re: Two lbs and holding/ Debs rant about home challenges....
From: Deborah B. Feder
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 16:50:16 -0000

--- In , "Bonnie's Mail" <ronnieb1@c...> 
> Dear Deb....
> You really should be a writer girlfriend! This is Roundell, 
almost getting to be Rondelle soon . Two lbs so far this month...I 
try to record on Sats, before any weekend damage. I was sooooo good 
yesterday, only extras were two cappiccinos, ice cream is overwith!

*Come on* Roundell Schmoundell I bet you are a size 12! :)
Thanks for the writer thing...I appreciate it :)

Too bad I can't write lyrics to songs (the handful of songs I have 
written were so corny even *I* would roll my eyes. LOL)
Also, I think in order to be a writer, artist, etc... you need a 
burning desire to do it and with me my moments can really come and 
go and aren't consistent at all. I'd never survive if I had to come 
up with stuff that had deadlines etc...I'd fold under the pressure.

Had a minor fight with my mom this morning (this is unfortunately 
the nature of our relationship...pretty dismal) because for the 
third time, even after I have painstakingly explained that both 
myself and Richard my eight year old, are cutting out sweets on No S 
days, and as respectfully as possible, requested that she not bring 
stuff that's off program into the house, she bought some of 
those "hostess mini muffins" and put them in my part of our food 

cabinet "for Richard"...When I told her that they are 350 calories a 

bag and not really a healthy meal choice, she, with great resistance 
at first, finally agreed with me and said she wouldn't "ever get 
them again" (her usual dramatic guilt trip) I know that she is just 

trying to be nice and get him some treats, but it felt a bit like 
she was trying to undermine my authority and decision about Richards 
consumption of sugar. After all, I was pretty clear that I don't 
want him, or me for that matter, to have that stuff staring at us 
daily. I felt angry that the box of muffins just showed up...I mean 
I am freakin 209 lbs..and I don't ever want Richard to share the 
same fate...

Actually, when I went totally out of control last Winter, and Spring 
and Summer, and was for probably the first time ever, allowing soda 
and ice cream several times a week, even Richard put on a few 
unnecessary pounds, and he runs around like an idiot. Since we have 
been NO Ssing he is back to the good slim weight of the previous 
Summer! As a child I was pretty active. Infact I was really slim 
and healthy, bodywise. I only started to gain weight after around 
7th grade. Richard is in 3rd and I figure Carpe Diem, get him on 
the right path now, before bad habits get too much of a foothold. 
And for me, it's really helpful to have him joining me in my 

Lately, since he has dropped a few pounds off his tummy, he is so 
adorable, and has been coming up to me and saying "hey mom, look you 

can see my Abs" (last Winter he started to get a really round tummy 

from all that sugar)
Self esteem doesn't fall out of the sky, it comes from our feelings 
of accomplishment from challenges we face and surmount. I was so 
happy that he felt proud of his "Abs". It was really the outline of 

his diaphragm and ribcage, but who am I to burst his bubble? And he 
did really lose a considerable amount of fat, so I just said "I am 

really proud of you!" and let him enjoy his feelings.
Congratulations, again, on your success Rondelle!
That is wonderful :)

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