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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] Re: Two lbs and holding/ Debs rant about home challenges....
From: Diane Sheats
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 16:17:26 -0400

Deb, congratulations on your foresight and thank you for helping your son! 

Weight problems usually get an early start and I know it's difficult for 

parents to know how, and how much, to help. There is a fine line between 

teaching good eating habits and being so controlling that when the child 

finally gets his/her freedom, he goes overboard. (I was "never" allowed to 

buy candy bars when I was a kid--so I made up for it when I was a teenager 

with my own money alone in a store! Very bad.) I think one of the hardest 

things (for children AND adults) is learning the difference between 
willpower and discipline. Willpower has very little value in the long run; 

discipline has immense value. So you are really helping your son now that 

you've found No S.

Moms and daughters living together will ALWAYS have challenges (just ask me 

how I know! LOL), but I am sure you've made progress and will continue to do 

so. If your mom basically approves of the common-sense approach you have 

taken, as she continues to see good results in both you and your son, I 

imagine that the thoughtless sabotage episodes will decrease. She probably 

had loving motives, and if those can be tactfully redirected to non-food 

treats and special times, she should still find plenty of ways to "spoil" 

her grandson without injuring him for life.


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