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Subject: Re: Great "Amerian Paradox" article in NY Times magazine
From: Deborah B. Feder
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 15:31:37 -0000

The French eat all sorts of ''unhealthy'' foods,
> but they do it according to a strict and stable set of
> rules: they eat small portions and don't go back for
> seconds; they don't snack; they seldom eat alone, and
> communal meals are long, leisurely affairs. A
> well-developed culture of eating, such as you find in
> France or Italy, mediates the eater's relationship to
> food, moderating consumption even as it prolongs and
> deepens the pleasure of eating."

Very apropo article and interesting too.
This brings me back to a statement I made about how the whole food 
experience *should* be nurturing and satisfying to all the senses.
Good strategies for life...
Deb :)

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