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Subject: exercise goals for 2004
From: Teresa Slack
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 20:17:44 -0500
How is everyone's exercise goals going for the new year? Don't tell Reinhard but I 
never did start the shovel glove. Bought Tao bo Flex at Kmart yesterday for $7.99 and 
did it this morning. Even tho my balance was terrible and I couldn't hold the moves 
for the entire 8 count like they did, I still feel the burn tonight. Can't wait til 
tomorrow morning!!!!!! 

For all the newbies, hang in there. My DH told me yesterday they are recalling 
Metabolife so if I have any leftovers I should throw them away. I reminded him that 
since No S I haven't taken diet pills...yet I've lost weight on No S, but didn't with 
diet pills. Go figure.


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