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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] Re: New Member
From: Kevin Gooday
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 19:42:20 -0600
Crackers and other carbs that arn't the "bad" refined sugars are fine. 

Which is the main reason I've come to love this diet, I thought about 
atkins, but could never give up my breads, pastas, and fruits. Just 
make sure you have room for them in your meals, for if you don't you'll 

find yourself, as Reinhard has pointed out, and I found out when I first 

started, that the snacking on healthy things will lead to going back to 

the tasty sugary things. 
I do often hang on to my breakfast apple for a mid morning snack, or 
part of my dinner for the evening, but I make room for it on my initial 

How do *I* do it? I drink alot of water, when really hungry, and it's 
not time to eat, I step up to milk (though I try not to do this as much 

as water, milk's more my with dinner drink). I don't buy the snacks. I 

used to always have tons of pop (soda) in my house...Now I don't have 
any...Do I miss it? Yeah, but I feel better without it. I don't go 
down those snack isles, or the sugary drink ones when shopping. I 
continue to tell myself that it's for my own good, and just push on to 

the next day. I've lost about 15 pounds since I started, I probably 
could have lost more, but I've lost the diet a few time, due to the food 

availible to me at work....and the long hours...but I jump back on, and 

keep on looking ahead. I've gotten to the point where I still can get 
out of controll from time to time (like Christmas when my cousin put a 

plate of brownies coated in sugar infront of me and I ate until someone 

took it away...*slaps my own hand*) but usually I find that I don't 
have the apitite to snack now. Dinners are progressivly getting 
smaller...And I feel better...Especially after Christmas when family 
noticed the weight loss....That's the best motivation there, when people 

notice it.
Good luck, and all that. I'm sure you'll be quite happy here, and I 
totally ramble too much, so I'm gonna stop now :)


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