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Subject: Does this really work???
From: teddys_mom
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:25:40 -0000
Hi. I just stumbled on the website for the nosdiet, it made sense, 
so I joined up to have a look around...

And, like I said, the diet does seem to make perfect sense. 
Everything in moderation. Are most of you folks seeing decent 
results doing this, or is it really something where patience is 
SERIOUSLY in order?

I understand the whole idea of having to choose a diet that is 
compatible with a long term committment, but at the same time, it 
seems like it'd be hard to stick to even a low pressure diet like 
this, if you were not seeing results that motivate you to continue...

Just looking for some feedback from people who've been doing it ... 
you know... that critical first couple weeks. Are you where you 
hoped you'd be a month into a diet? Are you feeling inspired to stay 
on track, and are you satisfied with the choice you've made?


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