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Subject: To Teddy's mom---
From: John L Cash
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 17:10:05 -0600
Welcome aboard!

I think you have asked an excellent question...and I found out the answer
just this morning! Today marks exactly 3 weeks of being on the No-S
plan. (Three weeks seems to be the magic number.) I weighed myself this
morning, and I have lost 5 pounds! Amazing! 

But...I think that the kind of thinking you are showing is a 20th century
American thing. That is, dieting ought to be a quick fix...even if I do
regain everything I lose after I quit the diet. But, I have really
fought the urge to weigh myself, and have adopted the idea that "This 
my eating plan for life. Whatever happens on the scale happens." I 
plan on weighing myself every few weeks.

In my case, my appetite is really decreasing as time goes by. My
grandmother (who turns 94 this week) always told us, eat less, and your
stomach will shrink and you won't feel so hungry. Seems like she might
be on to something! :-)

have a great week!


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