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Subject: Re: moderation revolution?
From: b90hap20
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 17:21:33 -0000
I liked the irony of the idea that something can be moderate and 
revolutionary at the same time. I always think of revolutionaries 
as being excessive and impatient with change, demanding immediate 
gratification. Wasn't the Atkins diet originally called "a diet 
revolution"? I'm not sure. But I believe that moderation is the 
foundation of good habits, not to mention good food and good wine. 
I always wonder it takes for a person (especially me) to revolt from 
excessive consuption. This doesn't mean that I'm successful on this 
front, but I have lost a few pounds so far. Thanks for asking.

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> Hi Jason
> I like that expression "moderation revolution". Really sums up 

> approach. It is a revolution, to me anyway. Did you coin it 
> Brian
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