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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] New Member
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 13:01:08 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Tay,

Welcome! Hope we can answer your questions

I would avoid fake sugar products for 3 reasons.

1) they tend to be pretty disgusting 

2) you *know* that in 10 years scientists are going to
discover that they're even worse for you than real

3) you might be fooling your taste buds, but you're
also fooling the habit forming portion of your brain.
It's bad psychology, and the whole premise of the
nosdiet is that psychology is the most important part.

So does it officially count as an S? No. But I'd be
surprised if you can eat a lot of it without reverting
to genuine S.

Having a kitchen beckoning you all day is going to be
tough. My advice is give yourself very generous
"firsts" until you can build strong habits (about 3

I'm not sure if it's just founder's zeal, but it does
seem natural after a while.

Good luck! And keep the questions coming.


--- scrappintay <CalliMeps@...> wrote:
> Hello,I found you guys by looking for the Dr. Gott
> no sugar no flour 
> diet. I saw this little ad on the side saying no s
> diet and was 
> curious and now here I am LOL . I have read all the
> posts and you 
> all seem really neat. I am a daycare provider,and so
> I am home with 
> a kitchen calling me all day. I am still trying to
> understand the 
> whole concept here,it seems foreign to me to not eat
> anything but 
> the 3 meals a day. Always having a snack in the
> afternoons and then 
> usually dessert at night. Well obviously that is
> where these extra 
> calories are coming in. So what you all are doing
> is,eating 3 meals 
> a day and as long as it all fits on one plate? As
> far as the no 
> sugar thing,what forms of sugar are we talking? Can
> you buy the 
> sugar free things they sale for about everything now
> and still call 
> it good or no? I know I have more questions and will
> be asking them 
> but I will leave you guys alone for now. I look
> forward to hearing 
> more about this. 
> Tay

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