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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] Does this really work???
From: Kevin Gooday
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:36:45 -0600
Patience is in order...I've been on the diet since November, while I 
pretty much took a month off (end of December through mid January), I've 

lost nearly 20 pounds. People who don't see me often (like my parents) 

comment on how I look like I lost weight. I didn't feel like I've lost 

weight for a while, cause I actually had gained a significant amount 
before starting. ANYWAY, I have lost nearly 20 pounds, and the jeans I 

bought shortly before starting the diet, are now getting to big for 
me...I went bowling the other night, and I couldn't keep them up. More 

importantly, I have more energy (probably cause my body isn't using 
just the sugars that I would give it through pop and candy) and using 
what it gets properly, and I feel better. When I do make a slip, or go 

overboard on S days (Like this past one, at a large get-together) I feel 

sluggish, or outright sick. That healthier feeling is what has kept me 

on this diet, and will keep me going. I personally am not like Reinhart 

says, I want candy, every day, I wanna go into the fridge at work, and 

grab one of those snickers that are in there...but, if I start walking 

towards it, I just tell myself, "no you don't need that." and turn 

around. That also is a great feeling. The only other diet I tried was 
the Weight Watcher's point system, or Jenny Creig, or whoever does 
that...And I'm much more satisfied with this one...It stops me from 
having that candy, not letting me go "Oh, I've got 10 points to spare 

today" Cause I usually did.
Anyway, I ramble alot, good luck...And stick it out!

teddys_mom wrote:

>Hi. I just stumbled on the website for the nosdiet, it made sense, 

>so I joined up to have a look around...
>And, like I said, the diet does seem to make perfect sense. 
>Everything in moderation. Are most of you folks seeing decent 
>results doing this, or is it really something where patience is 
>SERIOUSLY in order?
>I understand the whole idea of having to choose a diet that is 
>compatible with a long term committment, but at the same time, it 
>seems like it'd be hard to stick to even a low pressure diet like 
>this, if you were not seeing results that motivate you to continue...
>Just looking for some feedback from people who've been doing it ... 

>you know... that critical first couple weeks. Are you where you 
>hoped you'd be a month into a diet? Are you feeling inspired to stay 

>on track, and are you satisfied with the choice you've made?
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