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Subject: Anorexia Nervosa (a problem most of us don't have)
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:07:08 -0000

--- In , "Hana Rous" <ana@r...> wrote:
> Too much willpower leads to obsession or anorexia. I have an 
anorexic niece, over 6 feet tall and wearing British dress size 8 US 
size 6 I think that is. I don't think that's good. 

Hi Hana :)
That sounds pretty serious, and yes your niece does sound like she 
is "obsessed" about her body being thin. To me this sounds like she 

is just trying to overcontrol her food to possibly compensate for 
poor self esteem...If she can focus so exclusively on what she puts 
into her body, to the point of obsession, then she can dodge her 
true feelings of possibly, shame, guilt, sadness...
It is so upsetting to hear about a young woman who goes to these 
extremes to live up to some crazy standard of beauty which is 
perpetuated by the media...Adolescence is a stressful time and it is 
so easy for young kids to worry about acceptance. 

But I just have to disagree, respectfully, with your opinion that 
"willpower" is to blame. One can not have too much of this life 

giving "force"...If anything, someone with a lot of will power will 

have a very fruitful and prosperous life...I belive that anorexia is 
a problem of poor self esteem and too much fear about losing control 
of your life. Overworrying and overplanning will always cause some 
kind of Stomach/Spleen disharmony...But it is her life, and she will 
have to learn that in her own time....I guess it wouldn't hurt to 
try and find out her feelings, but be prepared to have her be in a 
state of denial, and don't expect that a defensive attitude will 
open her up. I will assume that too many judgements have got her in 
this place to begin with somehow, and if she is truly anorexic she 
will have such a distorted view of reality that you will probably 
just keep getting into disagreements because she is seeing the world 
through a very perverted filter. Like you said about your children.
Hugs are a good way to support and encourage...If she disagrees that 
she is anorexic and is in denial, there is only one force that can 
get through in that case (Our Father Who Art etc...)
Congrats on your successes at the family parties!
Keep it up :)
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