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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] Great Idea
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 04:40:25 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks for the encouragement, Brian.

By "no seconds," I officially mean one plate, and I
think for beginners especially it's good to stick with
this, even if it means a fairly overloaded plate. If
the amount of food on your one plate is a little
bestial and disgusting, that's part of the educational

That being said, I'm pretty relaxed about fruit, and
if you're sitting down to a meal with civilized
people, by all means don't act like a boor and pile
your appetizer onto the main course. Soup, in
particular, doesn't work very well like this. But be
aware that the day-to-day, "comically strict" ideal is
one physical plate. I wouldn't feel guilty having a
salad on the side or grapes after, but I'd be aware
that I need to be careful that it doesn't become an

I think a lot of people come to the no-s diet with
some pretty ingrained and severe habits of self
deception, and might need to keep comically strict for
the first few weeks at least. But if that's not you,
and grapes on the same plate as your steak au poivre
offends your sense of civilization (which I can relate
to), don't.

Thanks for the fat land tip. Looks excellent on
amazon, and very relevant to my angle.

--- Brian Delaney <delaney_brian@...> wrote:
> Great idea man! I've just read the book "Fatland"
> and he makes a 
> similar point to you. Really we've got to learn to
> eat less, anything 
> else is a copout. 
> Thanks for cutting through all the bullshit. I've
> lost weight already 
> after a couple of weeks and I feel good about it. 
> By the way, when you say "no seconds", do you mean
> no second courses 
> ('healthy' deserts, cheese & grapes, etc), or do you
> mean no second 
> servings of the main course? 
> Brian Delaney, Ireland

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