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Subject: Welcome Jeanette and Molly
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 18:47:31 -0800 (PST)
Jeanette, Molly,

As you've both already experienced, most other diets
are heavily optimized for short term weight loss. It's
a much easier problem to solve than long term, and it
makes for great ads ("20 pounds in 2 weeks, belly fat
first!"). But it's not really a problem worth solving,
because when the weight comes back, you're even worse
off than you were before.

Nosdiet is slow, but the idea is, it's permanent. It's
humane enough that you can do it your whole life. I
find it *enhances* my enjoyment of food.

And I don't think it's any harder than the quickie
systems. It just requires that you face certain issues
up front. Like the fact that ultimately, diets don't
"work," *you* work. The nosdiet is a good system in
that it doesn't deceive you into believing otherwise.
It insists that you confront the problem of appetite
head on and gives you a little structure to organize
your efforts.

So I'll leave you with my usual advice, condensed a

1. set yourself up to succeed by giving yourself
sufficiently generous firsts.

2. be strict before you screw up ("fence around the

3. be tolerant after you screw up ("no self revenge")

4. be patient. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep in
mind that, in direct contrast to other systems, every
day/week/month you stick with it makes the next easier
and more efficient.

Good luck to both of you, and sorry if I'm just
repeating myself here (we go off on a lot of tangents
in this group and I think the basics bear some


>Hi everyone! I'm Jeanette and I am new to No S and
this group. I found
>the No S site and was so excited to start. I have
been on all kinds of
>"plans" since having my third baby 2 years ago with
no success. The
>whole diet, feel deprived, binge, feel bad about it,
binge some more,
>vow to start new plan on Monday.....argh! What a
vicious cycle! Needless
>to say I have lost and regained the same 10 pounds
over the last 2
>years! LOL! I would love to lose about 30 pounds
total - this would get
>me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And I thought I
was chunky at this
>weight before having babies! LOL! Not so - it was a
healthy weight for
>me. I exercise a LOT so I have that part down. I
think No S will really
>work for me as a TON of my calories were coming from
late-night sweets
>and snacks! And I like that these things will be
allowed some days, too. 
>I started "officially" Monday after playing around
with it some last
>week. I thought I would be DYING in between meals but
I really am not.
>And he is right - if you know you only have 3 meals
for the day you WILL
>make them count! LOL! Not that I am stuffing myself
at meals, but I am
>eating nice, balanced meals with yummy and healthy
>Can't wait to start seeing results! :)
>Like I said, I ate at night a LOT so this will
substantially lower my
>caloric and sugar intake! 


>From:	coalminerd5@... Add to Address Book
>Date:	Wed, 10 Mar 2004 20:20:54 EST
>Subject:	Re: [nosdiet] quick intro
>I started the no s diet monday also, Its so easy so
>I was pleasanty plump about 1-1/2 years ago. I quit
smoking and started to 
>gain weight real fast., so i went on the Akins Diet.
Big Mistake!!! I craved all 
>the food I love Like mexican food with tortillas,
salsa and chips, Pasta 
>Garlic Bread everything Atkins tells you to avoid. I
did lose 10 pounds. I quit 
>because I didn't have support from my family or
friends, nobody thought it was 
>a big deal since I went down to my orginal pleasanty
plump self so I quit.. 
>anyway and I missed those foods!! After I quit I
gained it back plus some now 
>according to the BMI thing I am obese!!! :( 
>Its not too bad this no s diet I can avoid sweets
daily except on the s days 
>I can avoid seconds too and I know I can avoid
>wish me luck

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