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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] Does this really work???
From: Rich Lafferty
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 15:34:32 -0500
On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 06:25:40PM -0000, teddys_mom <teddys_mom@...> 
> And, like I said, the diet does seem to make perfect sense. 
> Everything in moderation. Are most of you folks seeing decent 
> results doing this, or is it really something where patience is 
> SERIOUSLY in order?

Yes, and yes. :-)

It certainly takes patience, because the only way to get weight off
such that it doesn't come back right away is to make permanent 
lifestyle changes which means you lose it slowly. I've been at it a
month, and clothes that fit a bit too tight are starting to feel less
so, and for the first time in years I fit into a smaller size of jeans,
and notwithstanding whatever bug I've picked up lately, I feel more
energetic and healthy day-to-day.

> I understand the whole idea of having to choose a diet that is 
> compatible with a long term committment, but at the same time, it 

> seems like it'd be hard to stick to even a low pressure diet like 

> this, if you were not seeing results that motivate you to continue...

Motivation is more subtle than that. It's easy to stick with and easy
to maintain for a long time, and doesn't require calculations or even
telling other people you're on a diet, and it doesn't require avoiding
anything permanently. That means I don't stick to it, and I enjoy
sticking to it, which is a lot more motivating than watching the scale.

So I end up motivated by having stuck with it and feeling healthier
about my relationship with food. I don't have to worry if I'm losing
weight fast enough now because I know it's happening.

The motivation of "I lost five pounds in one week" (= "the diet 
fast") is nothing compared to the demotivation of falling off the 
(= "I have failed"). It's all about sustainability.

> Just looking for some feedback from people who've been doing it ... 

> you know... that critical first couple weeks. Are you where you 
> hoped you'd be a month into a diet? Are you feeling inspired to stay 

> on track, and are you satisfied with the choice you've made?

A month in, I don't think I'm on a diet anymore. I'm just eating
normally, but it's a different normally than a month ago. There's
nothing left to stick to; eating because I'm bored is unsatisfying
now, going for seconds leaves me feeling uncomfortably full, and
sweets that aren't *treats* are nowhere near as satisfying as they
used to be.


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